Wednesday, May 20

The Eton Wall Game Coincidence

Eton Wall Game
Eton Wall Game
Stepping back in time for today's coincidence story.

Dick Paget-Cooke was at Eton in November 1937, as a member of the Colleges' Eton Wall Game XI.

Arms linked with his team mates, he marched into the field of play, as the breeze blew their long scarves round their boots. Unbeknown to the team, a Life magazine photographer took a photo.

Moving forward eight years: Just prior to VE Day, 1945 Paget-Cook was a staff officer with 5 Corps HQ, he had permission to pass through Venice, which the last German forces had left a few days before. There he entered a newspaper and magazine shop and saw a copy of Life magazine.

The magazine hung on a rack near the ceiling. The proprietor dislodged it with a long pole.

Mr Paget Cooke said of this: "It fell on to the counter open at the page with the picture of myself walking on to the fields at Eton on that November day in 1937."

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  1. What a synchro! Stories like this one really make you wonder how all the details come together at just the right time.