Saturday, May 23

The Wall Opened Up And She Saw Her Dead Mother

Vintage funeral late 1800s
Vintage funeral - California late 1800s
I seem to be on a roll with stories about people seeing their loved ones in some sort of spirit appearance after they have died. And it's not a new thing! Here's a story I've dug up from way back in 1869 by a Mrs. Ellis.

"On March 11, 1869, I was giving my little children their dinner at half-past one o'clock. As I was in the act of serving macaroni and milk from a tureen, I raised my head, and as I did so the wall opposite me seemed to open, and I saw my mother laying dead on her bed, in her little house.

Flowers were at her side and on her breast; she looked calm, but unmistakably dead, and the coffin was there.

It was so real that I could scarcely believe that the wall was brick and mortar, and not a transparent window.

I ought to say that when I was married my mother made me promise, as I was leaving home, to let her know if I died, and she would try to find some way of communicating to me the fact of her death - supposing that circumstances prevented the usual methods of writing or telegraphing."

~ Mrs Ellis

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  1. What a strange story! I wonder what happened after this?

    1. There's always a mystery! Thanks for all of the comments, Trish.

  2. From what I've experienced, this is believable.
    Sorry I haven't been here lately, Mike.

    1. Thanks Dixie - I've been lax with my blog visits recently as well - seem to have been very busy. Where does time go ...