Friday, May 22

Penpals Met By Concidence After 50 Years

Vintage bowls game in England late 1800s
Game of bowls in England from the late 1800s
Here's a coincidence I came across in an old issue of the Australian newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald. I have altered some of the wording slightly but otherwise the story is the same.

Emma Wiles, from NSW, visited a bowling club at Paddington, London, while on a world tour with her husband.

As the men played, Emma started chatting with a woman member and told her she was keen to know about Paddington.

"Why are you so interested?" the other asked.

Emma replied: "I went to school at Paddington, Sydney, and our English teacher suggested we write to schools in London with, if possible, the same names as ours. I corresponded with a girl named Emma Forsyth."

Emma Wiles says her companion turned quite pale, and then said, "You are Emma Hart and I am the Emma you wrote to."

Tears welled in their eyes, so much to say, so much to talk about. The pen-pal episode had begun 50 years ago, and now the two women called Emma had met by 'chance'.

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  1. Another big wow for this one! I'm struck by the many details that had to come together for this meeting to happen.