Monday, June 15

Mysterious Dream Of The Sea Came True

Mysterious tales of the sea

Mysterious tales of the sea have been told over the years. The Rev R.B Elrington told, one such story, where dreams sadly came true.

"A woman parishioner of mine, whose husband was a fisherman, at that time on the sea, dreamt one night in a terribly vivid fashion that his little craft had been cut in two by the towering steel bows of a great liner.

Her eldest son was with the husband, and as she woke she screamed out, 'Oh, save my boy, my boy!'

This was remarkable enough, considering the sequel, but almost at the very moment the poor woman was in her distress, yet still asleep, another son was pounding on her door, half asleep and half awake and crying, 'Oh, mother, where is father?' The terrified woman now rose and let the boy in.

He was crying. He told her he had distinctly heard his father's heavy tread coming up the stairs and his ponderous kick with sea boots against the door, as had been his manner when returning abruptly from a long cruise.

Next morning the alarmed mother and wife told all the neighbours, and before the day was out the dreadful news came that every detail of her dream was true.

The little trawling lugger had been run into by a coasting liner, nearly cut in two and sunk with all hands, including her husband and son."

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