Thursday, June 4

Sleep Paralysis And Seeing People Who Aren't There - Or Are They?

Sleep paralysis

I had a follow up comment from Jo Bober to my post Kate's Sex With A Ghost Turns To Sleep Paralysis And Thoughts Of Aliens. The post is primarily about sleep paralysis. Jo writes:

"I have had sleep paralysis episodes for as far back as I can remember. They tend to come in groups rather than random attacks. I've tried to control them, and have on a couple if occasions, but usually they're just plain scary.

Twice I've seen a tall figure stood in my room. A man wearing a hat and a long coat. He never did anything but his presence scared the hell out of me.

At other times I've felt someone lying next to me and could hear their breathing. Sometimes I can feel them touching my skin.

Only once did I feel anything physically aggressive and the following morning I had bruises on my wrist. I took photos and was determined to get to the bottom of what was happening, but then I started to think I was probably driving myself crazy and must have done them myself in my sleep. Its the only logical answer.

I'm just glad other people have shared their experiences on the internet."

It does seem that hallucinations, or believing someone is with you, often occurs with sleep paralysis. The medical explanation is along the lines of:

This is thought to be due to the brain not properly switching out of dream mode.

But supposing this isn't the explanation. Could it be, say, that the person is tuning into, well something like another dimension - sort of akin to tuning in to another radio station. And perhaps all of those people described as mad in the past, for hearing voices, were doing the same thing. All of these other dimensions might be out there - just like all of those radio and television channels - and at times, when we got our wires crossed. we somehow tune in to another dimension.

Too fanciful? But strange things do happen, like with the Double Split Experiment for example.

Going back to sleep paralysis I have experienced this myself, fortunately only twice and neither time did I see of hear anything peculiar. But it was still quite scary.

It's funny old world, with much more to it than we first imagine.

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  1. I'm wondering if sleep paralysis is more common than we know. I like the possibility you present about another dimension!

    1. I think it is reasonably common. I wouldn't want to experience it again!

  2. I've never had any paranormal experiences that I know of. Never seen or heard a ghost. But several months ago I had an experience that's dubbed sleep paralysis, I still can't wrap my mind around it though. How can someone all of a sudden outta the blue have a sleep paralysis episode? When I had my experience, I never saw a thing. But the utter fear of dread or something there was absolutely terrifying to me and I will never forget that.