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Was President Kennedy's Death Down To A Coincidence?

President Kennedy minutes before his assassination
A few minutes before President Kennedy's assassination
Okay, there have been many. many conspiracy theories about President Kennedy's death, but this is something I came across recently, in The Pittsburgh Press published 12 days after the assassination. The question is: Was JFK's death purely down to a coincidence? If the circumstances hadn't come about as per the following, would President Kennedy still be alive?

Dallas, Dec 4, 1963: Lee Harvey Oswald's boss said today that he thinks sheer coincidence led Oswald to the job that provided a vantage point from which he allegedly assassinated President Kennedy.

Roy S Truly, superintendent of operations at the Texas School Book Depository, said he hired Oswald as a temporary stock clerk at $1.25 an hour on October 16, 1963.

It was not until Nov 20, two days before the assassination, that it became known the President's motorcade would pass the book building.

In fact, Mr Truly said, there was doubt almost to the last whether there would be a motorcade through Dallas as all.

Furthermore, Mr Truly said, it wasn't Oswald who asked for the job at the book building but rather his landlady.

Mrs Michael Paine, with whom Oswald's wife and children lived in suburban Irving, telephoned Mr Truly about the job. "She called me and said that a neighbour's brother was working here and that he had mentioned that we might need another man," Mr Truly recalled.

Mr Kennedy was shot to death by a rifle fired from a sixth floor window of the book building and Oswald has been accused of committing the deed.

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  1. Fascinating! I didn't know this piece of the story.