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The UFO That Came To Earth At Kecksburg

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So many UFO sightings get muddied along the way. Here's a mystery I didn't know much about until I did a little bit of research.

In 1965 something fell from the sky, a brilliant fireball with the flash being seen in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Grass fires broke out, including one just outside Kecksburg, in south-west Pennsylvania as, whatever it was, came to earth.

In Lapper, Mich., the County Sherriff  Kenneth A Parks said his office received a report that an unidentified object fell into a field about half a mile south of Lapeer, just east of M 24.
Source: Herald Journal - Dec 10, 1965

One of the firefighters at the scene was James Romansky.

James Romansky, 57, of Derry Township was then a 19 year old firefighter. He told the Associated Press that he was among those who drove to the landing site.

"Now, I'm prepared for a smashed-up airplane ... and I'm thinking, 'What the hell is this?' I'm looking for wings, propellers, motors, a fuselage - but there's none of that," Romansky said, "There's no rivet marks on it, no windows, no doors - no possible way of getting in and out of this thing that I seen.

"There was writing on it, but not writing that you or I could understand. I always referred to it as something like the ancient hieroglyphics. There was dots and dashes and circles," Romansky said.
Source: Observer Reporter - Dec 6, 2003

Other witnesses described a 'fireball' and a metallic, acorn shaped object about 12 to 15 feet high and 8 to 12 feet in diameter landed in the woods - as per photo at top of post. Military personnel quickly surrounded the site, removed the object, threatened residents who tried to enquire about it, and left - later calling the object 'a meteor'.
Source: Beaver County Times - Dec 7, 2003

Going back to 1965, Sheriff Kenneth A Parks (previously mentioned) only admitted that his men found some pieces of shiny metallic foil, each four to six inches long and about a quarter inch wide.
Source: Spokane Daily Chronicle - Dec 10, 1965

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune - Dec 9, 1965 reported:
U.S. Army officials and the Pennsylvania State Police Thursday night sealed off an area in south-west Pennsylvania explaining the 'is an unidentified flying object in the woods'. A spokesman from the Army's 662 Radar Squadron said, 'We don't know what we have yet.' After sealing off a wooded isolated area at Kecksberg, officers said Army engineers were being called to the scene.

No conclusions can be made from the above - but there is no doubt much more information to be found on the Internet if interested.

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  1. Interesting! I never knew about this one.

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