Wednesday, July 1

The Precognition And How A White Dove Appeared At A Car Accident

Here's another white dove story, with a difference. I feel sure there will be various interpretations as to what happened. Was it precognition, for example, and where does the white dove fit in to the story? Was it significant, or just a coincidence ... well, you decide! The author wished to remain anonymous.

"In 2007 I was in a serious car accident. But for months before, I had this overwhelming feeling that I was going to die in a car accident. This feeling hindered me from going out, other than to work or for food shopping - and then with fear I might add.

I decided to talk to my mother about this feeling and told her that I felt I should prepare myself for death (with a living will).

Mom, with tears in her eyes. told me not to prepare for death but to just try and live.

About two weeks later, in 2007, on my way to work, I was t-boned (a broadside collision).

By coincidence, my neighbour had a conversation with someone about a car accident she was in - and one in which she had t-boned someone (me!).

At this accident she said how she saw a white dove fly off my trunk on contact.

I just spent one day in the hospital, but I did have a skull fracture and bleeding in my brain.

I'm doing great now, almost like nothing had happened and I'm still here ... .thank God."

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  1. This is pretty eerie.... Maybe the dove was protection?

    1. I thought maybe it indicated protection.

  2. I suppose many would assume that the dove represented the escape of death. Or perhaps the imagination of the driver. Who knows?

    1. That's the mystery of life, so much we don't really know for sure.

  3. Wow! Precognition certainly seems to be involved in this. No telling what the dove means - a blessing?

    1. I agree about the precognition, The dove I thought protection perhaps as Shadow mentioned.