Monday, June 8

Vintage Ship Coincidences

Vintage sailing ship

Names have figured frequently in coincidences, one of the most remarkable vintage cases being that of a series of men named Hugh Williams, who all escaped from shipwrecks.

On December 5, 1664, according to records the English ship Menai was crossing the strait of Dover and capsized in a gale. Of the eight-one passengers on board one was saved. His name was Hugh Williams.

On December 5, in 1785 a pleasure boat was wrecked off the Isle of Man. There were sixty person on the boat, among them Hugh Williams. Of the three score only Hugh Williams survived.

On August 5, 1820, a picnicking boat party on the Thames was run down by a coal barge. There were twenty-five of the picnickers, mostly children under twelve years of age. Little Hugh Williams, only five years old, was the only one who was saved.

Now comes the most singular part of this singular story. On August 10, 1889, a coal laden craft with nine men, foundered in the North Sea. Two of the men, each of whom was named Hugh Williams, an uncle and nephew, were rescued by some fishermen and were the only men of the crew who lived to tell of the calamity.

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  1. How very odd. Obviously if you are going to be on the water, Hugh Williams is a name which will give you protection. I was going to suggest that it was always the same person living eternally until you brought up the kid who was saved.

  2. Hugh Williams...great name if you're born near the sea! What are the odds?