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Abducted By UFO And Told To Love His Fellow Man

UFO or Fying Saucer

Filiberto Cardenas says being abducted by a UFO made him a better man. Yes, following yesterdays UFO story, today's post is about a claimed abduction.

Cardenas said, "I think my conscious has been heightened. I am more conscious of the people around me, more affectionate and more understanding."

He claims that he was snatched by a dazzling, buzzing strange force. This happened at Okeechobee Road, near Florida's Turnpike Extension. He was dropped off by the UFO 12 miles away on the Tamiami Trail, near 137th Avenue. Three friends witnessed the abduction.

Cardenas then had a second encounter with a flying saucer and this time the aliens revealed several secrets about the future, including a message that asked mankind to love each other. Not sure why they would have revealed this to Filiberto but he continued by saying:

"They spoke to me of a universal love and I have learned from them that this is what I must do - love and help my fellow man. I know that I have obligations, bigger ones."

The encounter has intensified his belief in an omnipotent God. "Since the abduction happened I see God as even bigger than I imagined because I now know that there is a God for other beings on other planets. When you think about it, I find God to be immense."

Looking on Cardenas' wife, Iris, said that his physical and mental energy has increased. She also tells of how he now finds it easier to communicate with others telepathically - an example of this was given.

It seems that on a certain day he noticed he was constantly thinking of his father-in-law. Worried that something could be wrong he left work and began looking for the old man. Driving the car along a side street he found his father-in-law in the middle of the road. His car had broken down.

Of his experiences Cardenas is quoted as saying, "I don't try to convince anybody of this but I think there are a few people who, after meeting me and talking to me, believe what I am saying. Before this happened I had no knowledge of UFOs. I wasn't interested in them. Now I try to read and inform myself as much as I can.

Out of all of the abduction stories floating about the Internet I chose to write about this one because it was reported that on the same day eight animals were found found slaughtered at Newquay Zoo, Cornwall. All had been drained of blood and the corpses were said to have been radio active. I live in Cornwall! There is, otherwise, absolutely no connection between the two stories!

Animals slaughtered at zoo
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