Friday, July 3

Shaving Kit Coincidence

Shaving Kit from 1940s

Attorney Robert Abendroth opened a brown paper bag and pulled out an ancient shaving kit he had just bought in an antique store.

He told his companion, "This was my father's."

Abendroth, a lawyer, was stunned when he saw the shaving kit in the antique shop because it had his father's name on it! His father had also put the date, May 1940. He had received it as a gift, at a golf course, for making a hole in one.

Now, by a surprising coincidence, it was in his son's possession.

Original source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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  1. You are no doubt sound asleep by now, Mike, but on the other side of the ocean, an interesting coincidence has just now taken place. I am going through some things that belonged to my in-laws and came across an interesting box, c1940. In it I found a beautiful chrome razor.