Thursday, July 16

He Dreamt His Friend Had Been Hanged

Precognition or Telepathy

A story today about - well, I'm not sure. Precognition perhaps or telepathy or prophecy ... well I'll leave that for you to decide.

A writer dreamed that a well known London stage manager, a close friend, came to him with his neck bandaged and an expression of extreme agony on his face. He pointed to his bandaged neck and tried to speak, but failed.

Then the writer woke up, and strongly impressed by the vividness of his dream, related it in the morning to his brother saying, "It gave me the impression that S**** had been hanged."

During the morning he went to his friend's house, and was told that he had been in bed for two days. It appeared that while at a rehearsal he had strained his neck, and had been in great pain ever since. This was striking enough but there was more to come ...

Afterwards he said to S****'s wife: "You know I hurried round because I had a dream that S**** has been hanged."

"That's most extraordinary," was her reply, "because the doctor said he very nearly dislocated his neck in exactly the same manner that occurs when people are hanged."

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1 comment:

  1. Intriguing! It sounds like the friend's neck injury already had happened when he had the dream, so wouldn't that make it telepathy or clairvoyance? But if it hadn't happened yet, that would be precognition. Whatever it was, it's amazing.