Thursday, August 27

A Coincidence Story


Here's a coincidence story from Sarasota.

Hortense Witker writes: "Here's one that has me puzzled. A real mystery or coincidence. It all came about when a friend of mine in New York City sent me a gift which she purchased and had wrapped and mailed from a drugstore in her neighbourhood.

When I opened it, I found a small box was made secure in the larger one by a crumpled newspaper and that paper was a copy of a Sarasota newspaper. Now, I wonder what was a small drugstore in N.Y.C. doing with a Sarasota paper almost four years old?

To add to the coincidence, in the obituary column of the newspaper, a death was noted of a woman who once owned the very same apartment building as where I am now.

Coincidence or whatever you wish to call it. It really got me."

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1 comment:

  1. Very strange synchro! Seriously, what are the odds?