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Cilla Black Saw White Feathers Following Her Husband's Death

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It's white feathers again today with a story about Cilla Black, who sadly died this week. For those who may not know, Cilla was a singer at the Cavern Club at time of the Beatles and went on to have several chart hits. Later she become a television presenter. She was 72 when she died..

Bobby, Cilla's husband, died previously of lung cancer. She was, at the time, devastated but held a firm belief that she would meet him again when she died. She told Michael Hellicar, a colleague, the following - in Cilla's words:

"Since Bobby's been gone, I've had several little messages from him, so I know he's looking after me. He advised me from the spirit world that it was time to give up Blind Date [a TV show she presented], so I did..

"Gloria Hunniford told me that after her daughter, Caron Keating, died, she'd often find a white feather in the most unexpected places. She believed it was Caron's way of telling her that she's all right..

"So one day I went into the garden, where some of Bobby's ashes had been buried under a willow tree - the rest were scattered at our other homes in Spain, Barbados and on the roof terrace of our flat in Westminster..

"I told him that if he was supposed to be my guardian angel, I needed some proof. Suddenly, I looked down and there were five white feathers. I could swear they hadn't been there earlier.

"It was as though he was saying: 'You want feathers, Cilla? Here they are.'".

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