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The Teenage Victorian Girl Ghost Called Gretchen

Victorian teen girl

When Thom and Meg Morrera bought their Norwalk home, it had been vacant for a year: prior to that the house, which was built in 1870, was rented out for about 10 years. So when the couple purchased the house seven years ago, no one ever told them about the home's other resident ...

Strange things began to happen in the house after the Morreras moved in - toilets flushed on their own, even after the plumbing mechanisms in them were replaced ... but it was two weeks before Thom Morrera literally ran into the ghost.

On his way down to the kitchen in the middle of the night, Thom met something on the stairs.

He explained: "I was on the last couple of stairs and I could feel some kind of pressure against my body. I could feel there was somebody there."

The ghost made its presence felt again when Meg left her wristwatch on the couch. When she came back to get it, the watch was gone!

The couple turned the couch and the living room inside out looking for the watch, but it never turned up. Several weeks later, however, they found the watch in the exact place where it had been originally left.

The Morreras characterise the 'spirit' as playful and inquisitive. The flushing toilets, and missing watch they chalk up to the spirit's curiosity about things the ghost had not seen before.

Morrera said, "When there are things that are unfamiliar to ghosts they want to play with them. She's never done anything that's really destructive.

The most intrusive incident was that of Meg's wristwatch, but Thom pointed out that the ghost was careful to replace it.

The couple believe their ghost is a young Victorian girl in her mid teens. They were thinking about what to call her, while husband and wife were in different parts of the country. By 'coincidence' they both came up with the same name: Gretchen.

It's theorised  that the girl has the ability to project information to them. The couple are comfortable with Gretchen and see no reason to evict her!

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  1. Really interesting story! It's nice to hear about a haunted house that doesn't turn into a nightmare!