Friday, August 21

The Coincidence Of A Grave Mistake

A grave mistake

Newark: The body of a Newark man lies in a cemetery near Boston as the result of a coincidence involving two men with the same name - John J Murphy.

The story began when John J Murphy, of Newark, died of natural causes at a local hotel.

The same day, another John J Murphy, who has a sister in East Boston, Mass., was admitted to St Michael's Hospital for a hernia operation.

Somewhere along the line, the body of the Newark Murphy was mistakenly identified at a funeral home as the Boston Murphy. The police asked Boston authorities to advise Mrs Mary Newman of East Boston that her brother had died.

Funeral arrangements were made and subsequently the Newark Murphy was buried at Holy Cross Cemetery, Malden, Mass.

However, the mix up began to unfold when Mrs Newman began to doubt that the man buried was actually her brother, although she had not seen him for 15 years. She went to Newark and found her brother quite alive at St Michael's Hospital.

The Murphy who was buried was a brother of Charles Murphy, a mason's helper employed by the City of Newark. His wife said she was making efforts to have her brother-in-law's body returned for burial. "It was all such a terrible coincidence," she said.

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