Tuesday, September 1

Strange Ring Necked Dove Coincidence

Ring necked doves

Here's a strange coincidence story, I saw in an old edition of the Montreal Gazette. It mentions a white dove.

About a year ago Elizabeth Scott, of Pointe Claire, Montreal, was at her sister's house in Cambridge, Ontario. They would regularly see a ring-necked dove and a pure white dove at the garden feeder. The two birds stayed util the end of the winter, and then disappeared..

However, in August, Elizabeth was back in her home in Montreal. She stared out of the kitchen window and saw ... a ring-necked dove accompanied by a pure white dove. They were gulping down her ripe mountain ash berries. The duo also visited her feeder for two days in a row.

The ring-necked dove was tame and allowed his breast to be stroked, while the white bird took to the trees. Strangely this was exactly what would happen while in Cambridge - the ring-necked dove could be stroked, while the white one flew into the trees,

The obvious question is: were they the same doves who fancied a change of scenery? If they were, it's a mighty big coincidence that they would end up in Elizabeth Scott's yard hundreds of miles away.

Maybe there is some other interpretation.

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  1. The same ones? Seems unlikely, they seem too 'untethered?' for that...