Monday, September 14

The Chipped Teapot Coincidence

Teapots coincidence

We always make our tea in a teapot - none of that teabag in a cup nonsense! We've had the same teapot for years (the one on the right of the photo) but, somehow, the spout got chipped, as did the inside of the lid.

This morning my wife said, "What a shame, I really liked that teapot," or something similar, and added, "I wish we could get another one the same."

Later we went for a walk. It had been raining and by 'chance' we passed a sign for a car boot sale. I didn't think it was worth looking as, because of the weather, there weren't many cars. My wife said we might as well take a look, so we did. And - as you've probably guessed the coincidence - the second car boot we viewed had the very same teapot for sale (the one on the left of the photo).

So, mission accomplished without really trying! Strange how things work out - when you don't try too hard.

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  1. Wow!
    One of the first synchro stories we wrote about concerned teapots. I'll find the link and post it. The similarities between that story and yours are remarkable!

  2. Mike - here's the link to that other teapot story:

  3. It's good Karma, surely. Delightful!

  4. Love it as always Mike. Your wife must have such a good Aura about her. She should wish for lots of lottery winnings too. : )