Saturday, September 12

The Policeman And The Wrong Telephone Number Coincidence

1960s British policeman
1960s British Policeman
Over the years I've heard many coincidence stories featuring telephone numbers. Here's one, however, that I hadn't heard previously:

This features a British Police Constable, Peter Moscardi, while serving at a suburban police station in Essex, England in the late 1960s.

It began when the telephone number of the police station was changed. Moscardi bumped into a friend, who said he had been trying to call the station but had not been able to get through. Moscardi explained that the number had been altered and gave him, what he thought to be, the new number: 40166.

Later the same day Moscardi realised that the number was actually 40116, but was unable to pass this information on to his friend.

The next day, while patrolling an industrial area with a colleague, at about 11:30 pm, they noticed the front door of a factory building was open and a light was on. The constables cautiously went inside and entered the manager's office - it was empty. At that moment the telephone rang and Moscardi answered it. It was his friend! The one whom he had given the wrong number, calling him. The office had the telephone number 40166! He was, therefore, able to give his friend the correct number for the police station i.e. 40116.

Later, Moscardi checked and discovered this was the only time the factory had ever been reported insecure. Something magical must have been happening that night!

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