Friday, October 9

Creepy Coincidence Of The Indian Idols

Hindu Idols

Here's, what is described as, a creepy story. It all goes way back to 1910 and it's about the reports of a curious series of coincidences in connection with some Indian idols in possession of a Leicestershire vicar, who inherited them from his father. In the main I have copied the words as they were written in 1910.

In 1900 the reverend gentleman's brother was accosted in the New Forest by a Hindu, and asked the whereabouts of the idols. The native seemed thoroughly acquainted with the family history, but when he saw that his mission was unsuccessful he said that bad luck would accompany the idols, though he would not renew his demand for ten years.

Bad luck, according to the vicar, has certainly followed the idols and their owner, formerly his father, and now himself.

However, the plot did not begin to thicken till the ten years expired. Then the brother received two letters by the same post - one from India, simply saying, "Remember the judgement of the gods," and one from London, containing news of his wife's sudden and serious illness.

He had a bad fright, and, for the first time, divulged the story of his forest interview to the vicar. As for the latter, he attributes the events to the long arm of coincidence, but, as most people would feel in his place, he is anxious to be rid of his perilous possessions. Examples of the art of former periods, even 500 BC, may be preserved at too uncomfortable a cost.

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