Thursday, October 22

The Australian Tea Dance Coincidence

Tea dance clip art

Here's a short coincidence story I saw in the Daily Mail newspaper from B.H. Faulkner of Chellaston, Derby England.

Many years ago, my wife and I went on holiday to stay with an aunt and uncle in Adelaide, South Australia.

They lived in an elderly persons' retirement complex that had a community hall, where we were invited to a tea dance afternoon to meet some of their friends.

The lady who was serving the teas approached our table and asked if we were Mr and Mrs Stanway's relatives.

When we told her yes, she asked where we were from and when we replied 'from Derby', she told us that she was originally from Derby too.

Then we added that we were from Chellaston and she was amazed and so were we. And to add to the coincidence, she said she had a friend in Chellaston who kept a shop.

My wife said: 'I used to work for her in the shop!'

What a coincidence all those miles away.

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  1. Travel synchros always intrigue me. They usually seem to involve huge odds!

  2. I moved to Youngstown, OH after my husband and I got out of the Army. My husband is Italian and had an unusual last name and many times in Youngstown (when I wrote a check, or was introduced to someone) I would be asked, "Oh, do you know Larry?" who was, in fact my husband's cousin. He was also pretty popular considering how many times I was asked that question! I flew home to see my sister in Sacramento, CA about a year after I moved to Youngstown, OH. We were outside in her front yard when her next door neighbors pulled into their driveway. She called them over and introduced me. Immediately the husband said, "Oh, do you know Larry?" I remember actually feeling dizzy and faint I was so shocked. It turned out that this man had lived in Youngstown years before and knew my husband's cousin!

    1. Thank you for your interesting story. Best wishes.