Friday, November 27

The 5,500 Mile coincidence Connection

Have had a run of similar coincidences, on this blog recently, where people have met up in unexpected places. Here's yet another one.

I was on holiday in Sri Lanka (from England) with a friend and we went on a sightseeing trip with a couple from another hotel.

We exchanged names and they asked where we were from. "Peterborough," we replied, and asked where they were from.

"Jersey," was the answer.

"My son and family live on Jersey, " I said, "In Grouville."

"That's where we live!" they exclaimed, and asked for his address. When I told them, they looked at each other and smiled.

"That was our house when we were first married," they said.

On their return home, they visited my son and showed him some photos they had taken of us from the trip.

~ Jan Tod.

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