Thursday, November 26

The Dollar Bill Assassination Prediction

Prediction or coincidence

It was the anniversary of John F Kennedy's death on the 22nd of this month and by 'coincidence' I came across a story in a newspaper, from that time, with an article headed: The Dollar Bill That Predicted Kennedy's Death.

I think to most it'll be a bit far fetched, but though I'd publish it any way. Here goes:

The Dollar Bill That Predicted Kennedy's Death

Two weeks before the Kennedy Assassination, the Treasury Department released a series of dollar bills. The serial number on these bills start with the letter K and end with A (Kennedy Assassination).

When Federal Reserve Districts were assigned, Dallas was assigned the letter K, which is the eleventh letter of the alphabet. John Kennedy has eleven letters. Below the serial number on the right of the dollar bill, and above the serial number on the left, are two elevens. Two elevens add to twenty-two - the day and month of the assassination. To the right of Washington's picture on the bill is "Series 1963A" - the year of the assassination/ Coincidence?

Source: Ocala Star-Banner.

Unfortunately I cannot find a $1 bill from that period on Google Photos or elsewhere.

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  1. I don't think I've ever heard this one. Now I'm going to look for a photo of this bill!