Monday, November 23

Three Short Coincidence Stories

Breaking news coincidence

Three short coincidence stories.

Salt Lake City: Having the same names wasn't so odd, when John Bollwinkel of American Falls, Idaho, met John Bollwinkel of Salt Lake City for the first time but:

They each have a pioneer ancestor of the same name, wives named Erma, sons named John, and ten years service as Sunday school superintendents in the Latter Saints church.

McAlester, Okla: Mrs. Addie Pilgrim has the auto license plates 1620, the year the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock.

Cabbage Patch Doll: For her birthday, Helen Barker received from her grandson, Scott, a Cabbage Patch orphan baby doll. Mrs. Barker collects dolls.

With the doll came an application along with a history of the baby, a background of her parents, and circumstances of her being available for adoption.  The doll's name was Pauline Terry, which by coincidence, is the same as Mrs. Barker's sister-in-law.

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