Saturday, November 14

Was The White Dove A Messenger From His Dead Father?

White dove messenger of dead

One of the most popular themes, on this blog, is how white doves sometimes seem to appear when someone dies. Here is another similar white dove story from Uffe.

"Some time after my father passed away my mother decided to move to a smaller apartment. Myself, and two siblings, helped her and when everything was settled, and she felt comfortable in her new home, my siblings and I left.

Later she told me that after we had left a white pigeon landed on the balcony handle bar. It sat there and after a while my mother opened the balcony door and went out.

The pigeon jumped down to the floor and walked into the apartment. My mother said it walked through every room before it went out and again and settled on the handle of the balcony. It looked at my mother and then flew away, and did not show up again.

I like to think it was my father who wanted to see to everything was all right with my mother's new home."

~ Uffe from Sweden

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  1. I love these dove stories! This one is especially intriguing because the dove walked into the apartment, through the rooms. It sure does sound like her husband as visiting!