Wednesday, December 16

Do Dead Loved Ones Return To Comfort Us?

Some people say they experience all sorts of things when a loved one dies. In my own case my wife and I kept seeing white feathers, over and over, when three very close people passed on, within a short period. In the following case, something completely different happens.

"My lovely mum passed away from cancer at the age of 87 years. I missed her terribly.

My partner and I witnessed electrical problems, with various lights flashing on and off in our rented accommodation (while our home was being restored following floods) then subsequently in our home when we returned.

Strangely enough, it always seemed to happen when I needed contact the most, and would perhaps be having a little cry.

One evening my daughter gave me some money for safe keeping that she had been gifted by her grandmother. I placed it in a drawer until I decided to retire to bed.

I grabbed the envelope containing the money, thinking it would be safer upstairs, and the lights immediately fused and the whole house blacked out completely.

Was I sacred? Not really - I laughed and told Mum out loud that I wasn't taking the money for myself, I was simply looking after it for my daughter. The lights kept behaving strangely for some time, until one evening I dreamt Mum was standing right next to me, looking so beautiful and quite radiant.

She told me she was very happy and we hugged so tightly I could feel her as if I was wide awake.

I woke up feeling like a weight had been lifted and I was so comforted by the lovely vision of my mum."

~ Lesley Woods

As to whether such stories prove our loved ones are still with us, is up to individual beliefs - but they are certainly comforting to the people concerned.

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