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Meets Long Lost Work Mate In Florida By Coincidence

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Some of the recent coincidence stories I have published are quite remarkable. Here's yet another such story. This one I saw in the Daily Mail newspaper and was from Tony Andrews who lives in Essex, England.

A few years ago, whilst visiting friends in Philadelphia, my brother and our friends started talking about a guy called Mike that they used to work with.

John said he didn't know where he was, but he'd heard that he might have gone to Florida.

Route 19 Gulf Coast
After our stay in Philadelphia we took a flight to Tampa, Florida, to spend ten days before flying back home. Near the end of the ten days, we took a trip up Route 19 on the Gulf Coast to see some of the sights. On the way back to Indian Shores, we decided to eat before we got back to the apartment.

We must have passed at least 20 to 30 diners, but decided to pull into one called the Covered Bridge Diner in Dunedin.

When ordering dinner, we noticed that we were being asked loads of questions about where we'd come from etc. as Americans do - even our names.

You can imagine our total shock when the owner and chef came over to our table. Yes, it was Mike! We could have gone into goodness knows how many diners but somehow decided to go into this one.

Needless to say we stayed in the diner all evening with everything on the house, then went back to his place to meet his wife and kids. We still keep in touch.

Now that is amazing!

~ Tony Andrews.

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  1. Astonishing! What are the odds? These kinds of stories always come back to the odds.