Thursday, December 17

Cornwall's China Clay Industry: 6 Photos

Washing china clay Cornwall

It's quite a while since I have done a Cornwall post for this blog, so that's what this is today - but not the normal sea and sunshine photos I usually publish. Today's six photos are from Cornwall's China Clay Industry.

China Clay was once very big business, and half of the world's supply came from Cornwall in the late 1800s. Since then it has somewhat declined but there is still clay being produced.

China clay workers Cornwall
Clay Workers Figures Outside of the Wheal Martin Clay Museum
China Clay quarry Cornwall
An old China Clay Quarry, now being returned to nature
China Clay Drying Sheds Cornwall
The sheds where China Clay was once dried before being transported
Crane used in Cornish chine clay industry
Once used for lifting purposes
Lee Moor No.1 train used in China Clay industry
The Lee Moor No.1 used to transport clay to Plymouth
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  1. You certainly live in an interesting spot,Mike!

    1. There's lots to see in a reasonably small area.

  2. Ooo, the Cornwall Bucket List is growing.