Wednesday, January 27

Emotions And Ghosts Stored Within The Walls Of Our Homes

Tennyson wrote:

"Woods have tongues
As walls have ears."

That's sort of true. Houses and buildings somehow absorb attitudes and perhaps temperaments of the people who have lived there previously. If the last tenants were full of family love this permeates the atmosphere. The opposite is true as well. If there has been hate and ill feeling these vibrations linger and can be felt by the new owners.

Inside Rye Church
All buildings have a mood. I like visiting churches and places of worship, wherever I travel in the world - even though I don't belong to any organised religion. Most churches give an instant feeling of peace and tranquillity.

Other buildings give off different vibes. Obvious ones are places such as airports, where everything seems to be hustle, bustle and confusion. A doctors surgery may give off anxiety, restaurants a sense of expectations and so on.

Rye church tower stairsSome people say they see ghosts in their houses or in other buildings, who repeat the same action over and over. These apparitions walk down the same stairs, in the same way or across a room in a certain direction. Some strong emotion has imprinted this into the house.

It's interesting (or maybe worrying!) to consider what the walls of our own houses are taking in as they observe our moods, tone of our voices, thoughts and so on.

Shelly said, "One wandering thought pollutes the day." As well as polluting our minds perhaps these thoughts also pollute our living areas.

Wonder what people feel or sense when they walk into our homes ... hopefully happiness and comfort.

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  1. I think it is true that some buildings capture the spirit of the people who lived in them, and then the walls speak when they meet someone capable to understand them.
    I have my own experience on the subject. It's about the Brontë Parsonage in Haworth (West Yorkshire). The first time I entered there, I thought it was just another touristic visit. But when I was inside, Ihad a very strong emotion of feeling at home and that I had lived here before. A very warm feeling of belonging.
    I bought a Brontë biography in the shop, and spent the following night reading it. As I was progressing in the book, I grew up another strange feeling : Charlotte Brontë was my sister (emotionally and intellectually speaking, of course) !
    Since that first visit, I have been visiting the Brontë Parsonage every time I was in the area. I must have been inside at least 10 times, and it once happened that I served as a guide to the other tourists there !
    I'm sure that this house talked to me, not as a coincidence, but because I was chosen for the reason of my harmony with the spirit of the Brontë family.

    1. Thanks Laurent for your interesting comment. I'm ashamed to say I have never read any of the Bronte books. I think I'll have to rectify that now though!

      Have you ever considered reincarnation? There are many stories and experiences that ring true for the people concerned.

  2. I certainly believe what you talk about in this post. It's a feeling that comes over you when you enter certain buildings.

    1. I've felt this often - some good and some bad feelings. Interesting what Laurent writes above.

  3. I lived in a house like that in my hometown of Oklahoma City, it was two blocks down and one over from the house I lived in as a child. This was not a happy house, but I won't call it haunted, we just didn't like each other. It had not been well cared for and we moved into it with the idea of fixing it up, but it was not big enough for a family of six living with my Mother-In-Law and her youngest son. Things disappeared regularly, even a six foot 2 by 4 board! My oldest daughter said she hated going in the front hall that ran between two bedrooms and a bathroom. Nothing ever specific, just never filled with happiness and many unpleasant things happened, bad tempers and more than usual disobedience from the children. My MIL died of a stroke two years after we lived there and we finally moved out six years later. I have also gone into stores that don't feel right, usually a result of bad management and employee unhappiness.