Tuesday, January 26

Scottish Golf Club Coincidence Found In Australia

G Brodie Brezze golf club

Neville from Melbourne, Australia, bought an old golf club for his son, who was starting to show an interest in golf.

Eventually, however, the club was discarded - and Neville found it, well covered with weeds in his garden.

He decided to clean it up and, as the rust and grime came off, he saw that it had been: Hand forged in Scotland by G. Brodie Breeze.

The name Breeze rang a bell, so he called up an old school friend of his Graham Breeze.

"Any relation of yours?" Neville asked, telling him of the inscription on the club.

"Yes," said Graham, "that would have been made by my grandfather's brother."

Neville presented the club to Graham who said it was quite a thrill to get both another club and one with such family interest. And, on top of this, it was Graham's name on it - for he too was christened G. Brodie Breeze.

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  1. Good one!! These name synchros are always intriguing!