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The Woman Who Talks To Animals And Gets Replies

Mouse talking

Pea Horsley, fron the UK is an animal communicator who chats with animals and what's more they reply to her - and she understands what they say!

An example? Okay this happened when she had mice in her kitchen - and you must promise not to giggle.

Pea spotted one of the mice and asked him to come forward for a talk, they had been nibbling at her food. She began by sending him feelings of love and tried to talk to him, but he wasn't listening. He was in fact livid.

Pea Horsley
Pea said, "I'd like to talk to you about the food you are eating." He screamed at her and then answered, "I'm not going to stop eating! You humans are all the same - you're bullies. You don't care for us. What am I meant to do? It's cold and I have a family to feed."

Pea told him, "I'm not asking you to stop eating the food; I just want to make a deal with you. I suggest that during the cold months I leave you and your family dog biscuits in a white dish. The rest of the food is out of bounds."

It worked! The mouse agreed to this compromise and all was well within the household.

Now some of what Pea Horsley claims does seem a little hard to believe but she has helped many pet owners. Such as a lady called Celia who's cat Joey had disappeared.

Celia emailed a photo of Joey and, while looking at this, Pea felt a sense of uneasiness and anxiety. She asked, "Are you okay?"

"No, I can't get out," Joey replied. She asked him where he was and he said he was in the basement by the boiler. Pea asked for more information, "Can you show me more of this place?" She then saw a door and concrete steps. There was a green metal door hinged on the right with a handle on the left. She could see the cat in a dark empty space, lying by a wall and could make out a window with horizontal bars.

All of this information was passed on to Celia and, sure enough, the cat was found exactly as described, after having been missing for six days.

Celia has lots more tales to tell. There's Fred the goldfish who likes rock music, Scopino the tortoise who loves blondes and then there's Mr. Butch the rabbit with attitude!

As to whether you believe Pea Horsley or not is up to the individual but Pea says, "My journey into animal communication has brought me the very thing the soul longs for - intimacy - and I feel my life is so much richer for it because, in the end, connection is what life is all about."

"... connection is what life is all about" ... now that makes sense.

Pea Horsley on Amazon UK

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  1. dunno. just dunno...

    1. I guess she's lucky that the mouse spoke English.

    2. tinahet3110@gmail .com02:05

      I trully believe this, and there are rare and very gifted people in the world who are blessed with a unique talent, I've had problems with ants in my kitchen for years every summer and it drove me crazy! I would do all sorts of things to kill them and discourage them from invading my kitchen sink, the cupboards, the containers with sugar and other places but they always kept coming and being a real nuisance. Four and a half years ago I got my second pet budgie who was the love of my life and was treated as a member of my small family and had the run of the whole house to do as he pleased. Since then in 2015 I've got my third pet budgie Maxi boy (the two previous ones passed away due to illness) the ants we're an annoying problem that wouldn't go away. Since I love animals and don't want to harm them (except those nasty dirty cockroaches! )I wanted to make a deal with my dear little ants, so we told them that I don't want to kill them as they are such hard workers, in will leave a special little shallow sauce dish just for them and that they are welcome as long as they want. I give them sugar crystals, small bits of raw mince, jam, and other bits of food but they seem to like sugar the best. I regularly remove the meat and all other bits and stir the sugar while they are not there, they seem to be VERY HAPPY with our arrangement and I love watching them as I go about my work in the sink or cooking and cleaning up. They are out of the way benith the window will in their special place and now we're one big happy family living together in harmony and peace respecting each other's way of couldn't use any killing sprays in the house on account of my beloved Maxi boy so I had this wonderful divine inspiration born out of love for all creatures, but, the war on roaches continues who come to my house on regular occasions and they are not willing to make a deal with me, so we squash them when it can catch them ax they give a near heart attack to my darling Maxi - and me as well! I do not get along with roaches, but ants are my great success testimonial. Cheers one and all.

    3. Thanks for your comment. I've done the same with ants! I've offered to leave some sugar for them ... and they went away. I try never to harm anything.

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