Thursday, January 14

The Coincidence Of Meeting At A Dance 50 Years Later

Scottish dancing

This coincidence was seen in a letter sent to the Daily Mail newspaper, there is no name shown for the sender.

A friend and I, both avid Scottish country dancers, decided to go to a dance in Cambridge run by a local country dance club. We drove up the A1 into Cambridge, soon realised we were lost and arrived after it had begun

I looked for the ticket lady at half time to pay our entrance fee and found her sitting at a table discussing with friends the best place to live in Scotland. In a lull in the discussion, I told the group they were all wrong and that Renfrew (my home town)  was the best place to live in Scotland.

Clip art Scottish Dancing
A gentleman at the table turned to me and announced that his father worked in Renfrew and when I looked at him, I said: "I bet your name is Russell."

I don't know who was more astounded, for the face looking up at me was the image of my old English teacher and deputy head, Mr. Russell.

So what would be the chances of his son and I, both now with an interest in Scottish country dancing, ending up at the same dance 50 or so years later.

His dad was still alive and living in Greenock. Not unexpectedly Russell Jnr didn't recall his father mentioning me.

I've often wondered if we'd arrived on time, would I have picked out Mr. Russell's son from the 100 or so people at the dance that night.

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