Wednesday, January 20

The Coincidence That Got Him In Touch With His Old Army Pal

Royal Artillery Badge

Here's another coincidence that goes back a while, but it's a nice story - though my school teacher, from many years ago, would be appalled at me using the word 'nice'.

I was called up for National Service in January 1948 and joined the 42nd Field Regiment Royal Artillery at Crookenden Barracks, Essen-Kupferdreh, Germany. I was a signaller and my pal Ron was the driver of our Bren Gun carrier.

About 25 years later my wife and I were on holiday in Mullion, Cornwall. As we were going there, I thought I would look Ron up, as I had an address for him and a photograph of us together.

We asked about directions to his address from an elderly man cutting his hedge. I explained the situation and showed him the photograph. "That's my boy, Ron!" he exclaimed.

He went on to say that Ron had moved to St Austell and that, as we were going to be in Mullion for a week, he would arrange for Ron to come over and meet us the next day. After that, we kept in touch for many years until Ron died.

~ Trevor Morgan, Devon.

Bren Gun Carrier
Bren Gun Carrier

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