Saturday, January 2

The Hoover Dam Coincidences

From Hoover Dam looking at Colorado River

It's funny how memories and connections come about. I was looking through some photos of a trip we had to the west coast of the USA. Later that day my Google+ friend Thex Dar told me about a video called the 10 Strangest Coincidences in History which was on YouTube. One of the coincidences I had heard previously about the Hoover Dam - the very photos (above and below) I had seen a short time before.

The Hoover Dam is an awesome sight and the actual construction was between 1931 and 1936. Needless to say many workers were killed - over 100 I believe - during the building of the dam. This is where the 'coincidence' comes in.

The first ever death attributed to the dam project was a J.G. Tierney, who was a US Bureau of Reclamation employee, this was prior to the actual construction. He was doing a geological survey of the area and fell to his death in the Colorado River on December 20, 1922.

Exactly thirteen years later the last person to die during the construction was Patrick Tierney, who fell from the dam's intake tower on December 20 1935. Patrick was J.G. Tierney's son!

Hoover Dam

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  1. Anonymous17:32

    If I didn't know better I would believe there was some Juju at work here... Seems to be a reoccurring theme in my life of late. Just watched several Tarzan movies and they kept talking about Juju... Then was watching some Twilight Zone shows and the last one was about a curse or Juju in Africa on a company... Then of course this possible curse on the Hoover Dam...
    Now where is my rabbit's foot? Funny it wasn't to lucky for the rabbit. Nuff out of me...(^_^)

    1. I think you should just keep your fingers crossed for the rest of the day.