Sunday, January 3

Is He Still Watching Her From Behind The Curtains

Man watching

I'm not to sure where this 'coincidence' originated but it was passed on to me by JC, who often sends me interesting bits and pieces. It is by someone called Linda.

"Coincidences appear to happen to me when I go on holidays or travel. One such example was about five years ago when I was in Florida, USA. I live in England.

I was walking along a street when the man from the family group in front of us, turned round. He looked at me and said, "I know you - you ride your bike down the road where I live every Monday and Friday afternoons."

I had never seen the man or his family before but he was right! I do ride down his road on my way to a part time job in Acton, and on the times he said.

I was completely stunned. Here I was in shorts and a T-shirt thousands of miles from home and there was someone who recognised me! What made it even more strange was the fact that when I ride my bike to work I wear a helmet and my cycling gear.

I still ride down that man's road, I don't even know his name, but I have never seen him again. In some ways it's a little creepy. Is he still watching me from behind the curtains ... I also wonder what made him turn round, while walking in Florida, to notice me."

~ Linda

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