Friday, February 5

Hearing Voices From Beyond the Grave

Voices from beyond the grave

Hearing voices from beyond the grave - imagination or fact? Here is one such experience, see what you think. I'll publish another experience tomorrow.

Five years ago, my wife, Pat died. We had been together for more than 40 years and had often discussed what we thought happens when people die.

Pat had an outright belief in another life, but I used to joke that I was waiting for someone tell me. My wife's death completely destroyed me. But I survived beacuse I can hear her talking to me and I feel her presence.

I had a heart valve replaced in 2011 and I never had a moment's worry because she told me it would be OK.

I just wait until I can smell Pat's perfume and feel her touching my face, because I know she will be calling me soon.

I loved my wife totally and without question. It can be an advantage to see the other side sometimes. Love never dies.

- Geoff Prescott.

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