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Stephen King And The Pet Cemetery Coincidence

Stephen King's Pet Sematary

Jim and Jean Holley are big Stephen King fans, and strange coincidences or connections happened when they started looking for a new home. The Realtor said she had found the perfect house for them. The house, which they immediately liked, was located in Talisman Drive, a name used in one of King's best selling novels.

Jean Holley told the Times Daily, "The Talisman had just been released and it was an eerie coincidence that the street would have the same name."

She said that the address always elicited a surprised response from those who knew of the family's fascination with the author. But a further coincidence was also to emerge.

The Holleys discovered the existence of a pet cemetery behind their home! As they explained:

"First there's this Talisman thing and then, to find a cemetery where both pets and people were buried, was really intriguing. The gravestones had been removed from the property so there was no indication of a cemetery being here when we moved in.

"But we noticed that all the other houses had long, deep lots and ours didn't. We started talking to our neighbours and they told us about the cemetery. They said there was an old family cemetery in our back yard where at least 28 people and their pets were buried."

In King's book Pet Sematary the word is misspelled by children and, as with the Holley's back yard, both people and pets were buried there. The family started to do some research.

Jean said: "Jim went to the library and checked old burial records, but there was no record of the cemetery or any of the people buried there. But from talking to other people we've found out more as time went on."

It seems that the cemetery, with graves dating back to the 1800s, had been bulldozed about 30 years previously.

There was still one more coincidence from when the Holleys moved into their house. Jean was surprised to find her name written in cement. She said, "Jean was written in the sidewalk and I noticed it right away. There aren't many Jeans around so that was something else that was just a little peculiar. The house had my name on it, like it was destiny."

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  1. Wow! This one is impressive! As a King fan, I want to be envious, but a pet cemetery in the backyard? No thanks!

    1. Thanks Trish. I wouldn't fancy a pet cemetery in my back garden. But there again, there are several animals buried there from fish and terrapins to cats and dogs.