Tuesday, March 1

The Scary Noises And Happenings At Night - When Jenny Was All Alone


Strange happenings from Jenny today: noises, things falling down and and perhaps some sort of telepathic connection with her sister. See what you think.

I was home alone one night, my parents being on vacation and my sister was staying late at a friend's house.

While making some food for myself I heard a big noise, like something falling over upstairs. I checked things out and nothing seemed to be wrong. I sat down in front of the TV and watched a show while I ate.

Ten minutes later I heard the window blinds in the kitchen being moved. It turned out that a couple of the blinds had fallen down, but there was nothing to disturb them. The windows weren’t open or anything like that.

At this point I was getting a little freaked out and wishing so badly that my sister would come home soon. I didn’t expect she would though, since she said she would be out very late.

I put this all behind me, however, and just called it a coincidence. I told myself that if something else happened, then I would really worry (even though I was already pretty scared).

About 15 minutes later there was another huge crash came from upstairs. It sounded like my whole bookcase had fallen over, along with all of my books and figurines.

I didn't bother to check this one out. I got my keys, put on my shoes and was about to leave the house when my sister barged in through the door, obviously quite disturbed herself.

She was crying and really upset and she told me that while she was at her friend's house she had a panic attack and felt that she had to go home and fast.

She raced all the way, not really knowing why until I told her about what I had experienced.

I think we had some sort of connection that night. I honestly needed her to come home so badly, and somehow, she knew that too.

As for that last huge crash, I still don’t know what it was. Odd, because it was such a loud noise and I was expecting something pretty big to have fallen over or broken - but there wasn't anything to be seen.

Nothing like this has happened to me since then.

~ Jenny

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  1. Wow! Lots of telekinetic activity? Ghosts? Very interesting!