Wednesday, April 20

Dumbfounded By The Coincidence In A Spanish Village

Police car 1950s
1950s Police Car
Another extraordinary coincidence meeting from my cuttings. There seem to be so many such stories, that you wonder if somehow people get on the same wave length, or whatever, and decide to visit the same place at a particular time. Some links seem to never be completely broken.

When I was at the Bruche police training centre many years ago, we had what were called Ram Sammy nights,

One evening a week, the large dining hall became a temporary theatre, where police students took turns to entertain everyone. I attended with my room-mate Harry, from Lancashire.

Around 23 years ago, I was on holiday in Spain with my wife, staying with a friend.

One day a couple approached us, needing directions. The man chatted on, telling us that, five years previously, he had retired from the police force after 30 years' service, but when he first joined he was in a Lancashire borough police force.

I told him that I retired at the same time, having served in a Lancashire borough police force, so we must have been training about the same time, in 1958.

Jokingly, he said, "I think my transfer was accepted as I was a good tenor and they wanted a tenor in the police choir."

Something jangled in my brain. I said, "When you were at Bruche did you have a friend named Harry Hurst?" I knew by then that Harry had served in the same borough force as he had. He replied, "Yes."

I went on: "One Ram Sammy night, while at Bruche, did you come and join Harry and me?"

"Yes, I believe I may have."

"You then sang On The Street Where You Live, from My Fair Lady?"

"You are correct."

"Your voice was so good that the commandant requested you sing I'll Join The Legion, a Josef Locke song."

"Yes, he did."

"When you finished, you got a standing ovation!"

We were each dumbfounded that such a coincidence had occurred in a small Spanish seaside village.

~ Albert Short, Blackpool

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