Tuesday, May 31

A Very Strange Ghostly Happening

Lake Temiskaming
Lake Temiskaming
Mr William J McMillan tells of a strange thing that is alleged to have happened when he was working in the Klock Lumber Company's camp in the Quinze River district.

"Our camp known as the Douglas Farm was situated at Lake Expanse, about 53 miles in from Lake Temiskaming. It was an extremely isolated section of the north country, with only one other camp within miles of us. That was what was known as McLachlin's Ni**er Point Farm, at the mouth of the Lonely river.

"Well, one evening after supper, as was our usual custom, we all set out to feed our horses and bed them down for the night. One of the teamsters who was attending to this duty was Walter Mitchell, who, I think hailed from some little village in Glengarry county. The rest of us had finished our jobs and were just getting settled down in the bunk house for a gab feast before turning in for the night, when the door burst open and in rushed Mitchell, looking as white as a ghost and trembling from head to foot.

"When he had partially regained his composure he told us a story to the effect that while he was on his way to the granary he saw a figure approaching at a rapid rate of speed. When the figure drew even with him he saw that it was his mother. She passed by him without uttering a word and faded into the darkness. For a moment he was too dumfounded to do anything but stare after the receding apparition. Then he rushed back to the shanty to relate the strange story.

"But the strangest part of it all was that three days later, Mitchell received a telegram notifying him that his mother had died at precisely the same time as he claimed to have seen her appear on the path beside him."

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  1. What an eerie story! But I think this phenomenon is more common that we know.