Friday, June 3

Tripped Over His Brother In World War Coincidence

RMS Aquitania
RMS Aquitania: transported over 400,000 people in World War
I read this short coincidence story in today's Daily Mail newspaper. It's by R. Mackenzie, from England, and tells of an experience of a soldier in World War II.

Colin, an old soldier, who sadly died this year, age 94, told me how in North Africa during the war he hitched a lift to the UK on an overcrowded troopship.

On embarking, he tripped over an airman sprawled on deck. To his amazement, it was his brother John, who he had not seen for two years!

When they arrived home, their mother was working at the sink. When she saw her two sons standing their alive and well, she promptly fainted.

Quite a moving story - imagine the relief the mother must have felt, after she recovered.

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