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4000 Year Old Bird Drips Blood During War Time

Lord Baden-Powell, founder of Boy Scouts
Lord Baden-Powell, founder of Boy Scouts
A coincidence from the archives, or perhaps it was some form of prophetic power (but take that suggestion with a pinch of salt but, there again ...)

London, October 26, 1930: A tale of an Egyptian mummified hawk that drips 'blood' during war time was told today by Lord Robert Baden-Powell, chief scout.

Lord Baden-Powell says he is not superstitious, but thinks its prophetic powers are "an amazing coincidence".

Bird 4000 Years Old
Asked to amplify a brief reference he made to the bird at a recent banquet he said:
"The bird, which is in a mummified state, was discovered in 1887 by a friend of mine during excavation work in Egypt. By comparing it to other things discovered at the same time, he concluded that the bird was at least 4000 years old.

"I saw the thing for the first time the other day at a friend's private museum. It is in a wonderful state of preservation and, although they eyes are gone, one can still clearly see the beak and the features."

Forecast of Boer War
"On the shelf where the bird stands, I noticed a dry brown stain, and when I questioned my friend about it he told me about a month before the outbreak of the Boer War the hawk became damp and gently oozed bubbles of this stuff.

"All through the campaign this 'sweating' continued, until about a month before the war ended, when, as suddenly and mysteriously as it had begun, the dripping ceased.

"But exactly a month before the outbreak of the great war [World War I] the bubbles again appeared, and the amazing fact is that they again stopped just a month before the armistice.

"How can one account for it? Is the liquid some preservative which is affected by the weather?

Lasted for War's Duration
"A point which seems to rather upset this theory is that there surely must have been weather conditions when the bird was dry similar to those when it was wet. And, again, how is one to explain that on each occasion the oozing coincides so exactly with the duration of the war?

"Personally I think it is just and amazing coincidence"

Well, there we go. An honourable man like Baden-Powell surely wouldn't spin an untruthful yarn, would he?

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  1. /Definitely bizarre, but very interesting.

  2. Wow. Totally bizarre - but it certainly sounds prophetic!

  3. Whatever happened to the bird?