Thursday, June 9

Telepathy, Synchronicity Or Coincidence


When people talk about synchronicity or coincidence they often give examples similar to the following - something that happened yesterday.

My wife and I were sitting in the garden, mid afternoon, having a cup of tea - typically English - and were talking about nothing in particular.

Karin said, "We haven't heard from Mark for ages."

As she finished her sentence the land-line phone rang.

"That'll be him," I laughed.

Karin answered the phone and, yes, it was Mark!

So how did that happen? Is it telepathy of some sort? If it was, where did it originate? Did Mark sense that we were talking about him, or did we sense that he was thinking of us and about to make a phone call?

I don't know the answers to such questions, but sometimes things happen that make you think of what could be possible. What if we tried to hone this skill. Now there's a thought!

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  1. Everyone has a psychic connection to those they know and that energy sends out signals to a variety of places for information.

    1. Thanks Barbara, that's nicely explained. The links are always with us.

  2. Great story and synchro! Maybe it's the relaxation over a cup of tea that allows consciousness to tune in.

    1. A cup of tea is a cure for most things in our house! So, yes, relaxation and switching off, might be the key.