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A Remarkable Coincidence Spanning Australia And England And 50 Years

A camp site in Kalgoorlie, Australia
A caravan camp site in Kalgoorlie, Australia
Here's a remarkable coincidence story involving two couples who met up twice, completely by coincidence - or perhaps fate. They must surely have been meant to meet, against all the odds. The story, from my cuttings, is by Richard Francis from Hampshire in England.

In 2004, my wife, Helen, and I embarked on a caravan tour of Australia. We arrived in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia and Helen went to do the laundry in the campsite launderette,

An Australian lady joined her and they started chatting. Helen, who is from Edinburgh but has lived in England for more than 50 years, noticed a slight Scottish brogue in the Aussie twang, so the conversation went something like this.

Helen: "Where are you originally from?"

Lady, "Edinburgh."

Helen, "So am I. Which part?"

Lady, "South side."

Helen, "Me, too. Which school did you go to?"

Lady, "Preston Street."

Helen, "So did I. How old are you?"

Lady, "Sixty-five."

Helen, "So am I!"

Lady: What was your maiden name?"

Helen, "Turner."

The lady burst into tears and said, "I'm Marion Purvis, and I was your best friend at primary school."

Marion had emigrated to Australia when she was aged 15.

We parted company the next day after much Chardonnay and many memories, us to continue east and Marion and her husband to travel west.

Six months later, we arrived at Exmouth, Western Australia, and after setting up camp, went for a walk.

On our return, we found a bunch of flowers on our table together with a note: it was from Marion and her husband who had coincidentally arrived at the same place after several thousand miles. More wine!

~ Richard Francis.

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  1. Awesome story!These travel synchros are always fascinating, with astronomical odds!