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How Henry Ford Dealt With Problems

Henry Ford
Henry Ford
I read the following from a very old cutting. The writer was a Henry Thomas Hamblin:

In a recent issue of Collier's Magazine, an interview with Henry Ford appeared. He spoke of the way with which big business men deal with problems, and pointed out that they did not spend a lot of time pondering and puzzling over plans or ideas. He said, "An idea comes to us; we think for a little while and then we put it in the pot to boil. We let it simmer for a time, and then take it out."

What Henry Ford means, of course, is that an idea or problem is dismissed to the sub-conscious [now usually called the unconscious], which works it out, and presents it to the conscious mind for judgement.

As an example, an inventor or one who is constructing something mechanical, can make use of the sub-conscious mind in precisely the same way. Let him sum up the whole problem, arrange all the facts and available information, and pass them all to his sub-conscious mind, when, if a successful result is within the range of possibility, an answer or idea will be forthcoming. All this being done, mark you, without any effort whatever.

All this may seem, especially to some readers, rather wonderful and far-fetched, yet there is nothing mysterious about it. I am perfectly sure that there is no great writer, politician or business man who does not make use of his sub-conscious in this way. He probably does it unconsciously, but the procedure is the same.

I know a lot of people think that this is all mumbo-jumbo, but it does work - at least to my satisfaction. It's similar to that old expression about sleeping on it.

As a simplistic example. If we do crosswords and can't solve maybe one or two of the clues, then if we put the puzzle away and forget about it, the answers will often pop up unexpectedly.

It's all a matter of thinking about something and then forgetting it and moving on to something else - then, Bob's your uncle, the solution or answer will come. Magic!

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