Tuesday, August 16

They Meet Up Again After 70 Years - By Coincidence

Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex, England High Street
Burnham-on-Crouch High Street, Essex
Another coincidence meeting from my cuttings by Jeff Pickard. Perhaps we are meant to reunite with some people out of the blue.

From 1945 to 1949, I attended Maldon Grammar Scool in Essex. In my first year was a Michael Letten who, like me, lived in Burnham-on-Crouch. With his brother William at the same school, we all travelled each day from Burnham-on-Crouch to Malden by bus.

On July 17, 2016, I was at Worthing Hospital with my wife, who was having an operation. While waiting for her return, I sat with about 14 people in the waiting room. A nurse appeared and called out, "Mr Letten," and an elderly gentleman raised his hand and identified himself.

Never having heard this surname since the Forties at school, I was intrigued and asked him if he had any Essex connections. He replied that he did.

I informed him that I came from Burnham-on-Crouch and had attended Maldon Grammar School with two brothers from Burnham, one of whom was in my class.

Mr Letten was surprised to say the least - he confirmed he was Michael's elder brother William and told me that Michael is now living in Dorchester.

How amazing to meet again after 70 years, Plenty of reminiscing and a meeting to be arranged.

~ Jeff Pickard.

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