Monday, January 2

A Squirrel Question Answered By Coincidence

Squirrel on a tree

A short coincidence story, with thanks, from Nick.

My friend and I were sitting in a park having a smoke on a bench. We were talking about a television program we had seen, in which a squirrel had to decide if it was going to get eaten by a jungle snake or jump out a a tree from high up in the branches.

The squirrel jumped and I brought up the question to my pal: "Would the squirrel have died?"

Literally 15 seconds later a squirrel fell out of the tall tree, we were sitting under, and ran off.

I guess our question was answered!

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  1. Very funny Mike. I'm curious if they'll be able to answer the next question you and your friend have...they're smart little devils!

    1. It wasn't my experience, Pam. The story was sent to me by Nick.
      P.S. I don't smoke :-)

  2. Too funny! Love this one!