Tuesday, January 10

Graveyard Coincidence Plus Sensing The Future

Headstones in a cemetery

Here's a story I received recently. I guess you could say it's coincidence or synchronicity, but it is also about following a feeling, premonition or maybe you may say guidance. I have edited the story slightly, but the meaning and content are the same.

Over the past year I have lost several people, but the most important were Thomas Joseph Williams (surrogate father) and his son Daniel Adam Williams.

Danny was my closest friend from the age of 10 till he was killed in a horrible accident in July 2016. He was two weeks away from his 33rd birthday.

On his birthday, July 27th, I left work via my normal route home. About a mile into my trip I had an urge to take a side road - that wasn't a shortcut - and one I had never been on previously. I turned, went down another mile or so, and there was a small cemetery on the left. I felt compelled to stop for some reason.

I'm a rock-hound and love searching for arrowheads. As soon as I stepped out I saw this brilliant raw piece of white and purple agate. A rare find for me.

I walked from headstone to headstone until I came to the last one... ADA VIRGINIA WILLIAMS (I interpreted this to A DANIEL.ADAM WILLIAMS). Her headstone was the only Williams, and was the only one made from the same stone as I had just found. The stone now resides on my mantelpiece.

The next day I researched Ada Williams and found that her maiden name was Thomas (the first name of my surrogate father!) - Ada Virginia Thomas Williams ... Thank you ma'am.

~ Eturner072723


My blogging friends, the award winning authors Trish and Rob Macgregor, have a new book out on the 10th of January (13th of January in the UK). The book is called Sensing the Future. This is how it is described on Amazon:

In Sensing the Future, well-known paranormal experts and authors Trish and Rob MacGregor unravel the mystery around precognition to help readers develop their psychic abilities.

Precognition is one of the least understood but most commonly occurring psychic experiences. At one time or another, most people have had minor experiences with synchronicity or having a feeling about a future event that came true, but few understand how it happened or how to do it again. With Sensing the Future, readers learn to enhance this innate power to benefit their lives.

Trish and Rob provide tips and simple ways to coax answers to your life questions out of your dreams, and how to increase awareness of the inner realm in everyday life. They also explain the most common methods for future prediction - astrology, the tarot, numerology and stichomacy.

Along the way, Trish and Rob give hundreds of examples from history when people predicted the future, from scientists to novelists and spiritual leaders, as well as personal accounts from their own experiences and those of friends and family.

An important question many wonder after a precognitive event is whether our lives are truly governed by free will or destiny. If you saw the future and reacted, did you change the future through your own free will? Or was it destiny? If you're one of the curious seeking an answer, find out for yourself in Sensing the Future.

Sensing the Future on Amazon USA
Sensing the Future on Amazon UK

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  1. Fascinating story, Mike. Guidance, synchronicity, whatever name you give it, what are the odds?! Thank you for putting up our cover and what the book is about!