Tuesday, June 6

Lanzarote And Small Coincidences

I hadn't been experiencing many coincidences / synchronicity moments recently - must have been out of sync with the world or something!

I decided my wife and I needed a break so we went off to Lanzarote to get some proper sunshine and to switch off from computers and the like.

We arrived in the Canary Islands and wondered if we'd made the right choice for our destination. On our first morning we wandered down to the sea front and sat on a public seat. I snapped a photo of the beach and sea and then, for some reason, randomly turned to my right and took a photo of the promenade.

I checked the photo and noticed that the woman in the centre of the photo was wearing a t-shirt with a large '76' on the front.

I have written, probably many times, how 76 or 67 has occurred in my life over and over, almost symbolising good things. So I took the t-shirt to be sign that we had made the right choice.

Then when we started walking my wife said, "Do you realise that our suite number is also a 76 or a 67?"

I hadn't, but our suite was number 4216. So 4+2=6 and 1+6=7. So 67.

But also 4+2+1 =7 and the remaining 6 =76.

So all was well with Lanzarote!

We wandered along the sea front for a few miles and ended up by Arrecife Airport, which is right on the coast. The planes were arriving from the direction of the sea. It was interesting to see them arrive very low above our heads.

My wife said, "I wonder when the next plane will be as I'd like to see it land." At that precise moment a couple on bikes stopped next to us and, out of the blue, the man said to us, "Do you want know when the next plane is landing?"

We said we did. He got out his phone where he had an app and could tell when the next plane was due, and even had a picture as to what it looked like plus where it had come from. I took the photo below of that expected plane.

My wife's question was answered!

After this similar 'little' coincidences / synchros seemed to keep popping up over and over. So the break in Lanzarote turned out to be a positive experience.

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  1. Yay! You're back! Good one with the 76. And your wife's practically instantaneous thing about the plane.

  2. Interesting synchro! Glad you're back, Mike.

  3. Good synchro! Hope this comment goes through. The other one didn't seem to.

  4. I wish I could see what those other t-shirts said in that picture, to see the bigger picture of what that synch might be telling you.