Monday, May 3

Small Coincidences At Pentewan Conwall

Pentewan river, CornwallIt's a Public Holiday in England today so a quickish post as it's a busy day for us.

My wife and I went for a walk early this morning in Pentewan and by coincidence who was walking in front of us? Our son and his fiance. We'd both chosen the same place to start the day.

There are two ways to return on this walk and one runs alongside the river. My son's fiance hadn't been on this path before and, as she's pregnant, I mentioned that it was quite safe other than for a plank to cross a small stream which joins the main river.

I've no idea why I used the word 'plank' as every time my wife and I have gone this way there are two wobbly logs to use, which have been there for years - as per the photo.

However when we reached this spot the logs had gone and in their place was a wide plank of wood! Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me to take a photo. The pictures are from a previous walk.

These are only two small incidents but it always amazes me when such things happen.

Pentewan Beach Cornwall
Pentewan Beach Cornwall
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  1. This is just beautiful, Mike! What a great place to start the day. And, I'd say this qualifies as a precognitive synchro!

  2. What a lovely article and pics over at Squidoo. BTW, how is "Pentewan" pronounced?

    1) Pen-tee-wan
    2) Pen-tuin

    Please forgive how this native Texan may have massacred the name in my mind! LOL

  3. Thanks both for the kind words.

    musingegret: it's pronounced

    There are many strange names in Cornwall where I live, or at least they are pronounced sometimes in an odd way.

    Fowey, for instance, a fishing village near to me is pronounced Foy. Must be a Celtic thing, though the Cornish do have their own language but it's rarely spoken.

  4. Thank you Mike for the correct pronunciation. I've fallen in love with the British series shown on our PBS on Saturday nights that is called "Doc Martin." My interest got me researching the fictitious village of Port Wenn and reading about the real village in Cornwall where it is filmed. One of the characters has a charming lilt to her speech; I was wondering if that is a Cornish characteristic?